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Born in 1976. I once dropped out of high school and then lost my identity because of it. But I was admitted again and then graduated a few years later. In 2003, I bought a camera under the influence of my acquaintance's uncle, and took mainly landscape photographs. After traveling to many places like Oceania, Southeast Asia, etc., I had been in China to study Chinese for one year. I headed to the western part of the continent after studying abroad. But all of my luggage were stolen by The auto rikisherman be for in front of the Pakistan immigration. After returning home, I adjusted my mind and take photos in Japan with my bicycle and hitchhikes.

My brain is exposed to a huge amount of information regardless of whether I prefer it or not, so it is quite noisy. But when I peek at the viewfinder, I feel like it will be clear. May be the brain filtering function is working well. I think whether or not to have a camera is freedom of people, but I think, having a camera in hand, pressing a shutter seems like an instinctive act. For me, taking photos is may be close to physiological phenomena. Photographs can clip the world by framing and create a new world again. I am pushing the shutter of the camera every day while thinking the photograph is free.


2015 First child was born, and I continue to take photos while the mainly househusband in Kyoto.



Stephanie de Rougeの写真に対する愛と情熱と知識に感銘を受ける。

Participate in the KYOTOGRAPHIE sponsored ICP master class.

I was impressed with the love, passion, and knowledge for Stephanie de Rouge photograph. 




Participated in IMA organized portfolio review.




Onaeba Kansai 19th exhibition.  Digmeout (Mr. YoshihiroTaniguchi · Mr. TakaharuFurutani), Mr. MeisaFujishiro nominated as a reviewer award.


Canon Ginza Presents 「SHINES」


Canon Ginza Presents 「SHINES」


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