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I like mountains, fresh air and scenery. But for me, there is no need to aim for the top of the mountain. A nearby mountain is enough. There is a times when I want to enter inside of the mountain just a little. Because entering inside of the mountain just a little, there is a world far from everyday life. Sometimes I want to settle down quietly in that other world. Especially the winter mountain is extremely quiet. The sounds of walking on fallen leaves and snow, of the fabric of my clothes rubbing together, and even of my breathing, are all very clear. For me, it is very pleasant. Extra information is removed at once from everyday life. My consciousness is sharpened naturally. That sense is good. At such time, the mountain trees showed me unique shaping beauty. It reminds me of filaments in astronomy and cosmology. Those are just being there. However, once I found it,became visible from next to next.Then in order to make the shaping of trees more prominent, I started shaving colors and to monochrome them and put them in the photograph.

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